Monday, April 5, 2010

Bells will be ringing ...

As time goes by I find myself facing increasingly interesting challenges and having to think fast to come up with just the right solution for each one. Everybody's different and what works for Nana doesn't always work for Grampa George. So, what to do? Get innovative.
When Grampa George first discovered urinary incontinence can't be stopped by wearing two pairs of underwear at a time, we tried pads. Lo and behold: new found comfort and no more leaks.
Now that it's no longer safe for Nana to walk even a short distance unescorted, one of us always walks with her. It's a solution that comes complete with it's own problems but for now it's a work in progress. During the day time we simply check on her, constantly. Sure, she can call us if she needs something, if she remembers, which is seriously not happening any more, no matter how often we tell her to.
Night time is another ball of wax. Super Man and I sleep in the room right next to Nana's, our headboards practically touching but for a thin wall of drywall. The door adjoining our rooms is ajar, I'm talkin' fully and she still manages to make it to her bathroom (that's right next to her bed but still dangerously easy to fall, rather than step, into) before I realize she's up. We banned WD40 in the house, letting the obnoxious ten decibel squeal of her bathroom door alert us to her whereabouts, but it's still not enough.
We're trying something new tonight: bells. I've got this cheerful string of red and green Christmas bells I hang over a doorway during the holidays. The perfect thing to hang, just underneath the bedskirt, out of sight but ready to jangle up a storm the moment she swings her legs over the side of the bed. As long as I don't confuse it for the sound of one of the cat toys, it could work!?!
And if it doesn't I'll have to take the advice of my oldest, who suggested I simply sew them to the hems of her pajama bottoms: she won't be able to take a step without me running to the rescue!

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