Tuesday, June 8, 2010

B is for beautiful burden ...

Some days, especially right after being washed, rinsed and dried in the shower, helped into a fresh change of clothes and settled back into her recliner, Nana asks is she's a burden. The answer of course is always a resounding 'No!' Actually, it's having to hear that particular question that 'burdens' me.

I'm ready, willing and able to take care of Nana's needs, no matter what they are. I do my best to handle every task, big or small, with a smile and without resentment. I try not to ask too many favours from the family if I can take care of it myself so as not to infringe on their time whenever possible. We'll always burden one another on occasion. It's part of life.

Being given an opportunity to help someone with some tiny, everyday thing feels good. It means doing unto others, freely, giving back with nothing except a warm feeling inside in return. It's a beautiful burden to bear. One that needs no return on investment. It's a sweet feeling of having done something useful for another, without being asked to do so.

Caring for each other is no burden. It's being asked if it's a bother that bothers me, because naturally, it is not.

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