Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Sleep, perchance ... uninterrupted!

I used to look forward to a good nights sleep. Now I spend my nights listening. I listen for Nana to get up to go to the bathroom and forget to call me, hence inviting another possible fall. I listen for Grampa George to wake up in the morning, notice I'm not up yet, and head right for the sofa to take a nap five minutes after he just got up. And I listen for my alarm clock to make sure I don't miss getting my son to the train station so that he can get to school on time.
We haven't missed a train in a while, knock on wood, especially since I'm usually sleeping with one eye open lately anyway, so no biggie.
And there's really no permanent harm that'll happen to Grampa George if he happens to take one more nap per day. He'll still be just fine, and maybe a little more rested than me.
But nights spent listening for Nana have become downright epic. When sleeping in shifts with my dear Super Man was wearing us both out, he installed two different alarms in Nana's room to warn us when she was up.
One alarm senses motion and worked fine unless she happened to swing her arm out of bed setting the dinger off no less than 14 times a night. Not really helping, until my Hero moved the alarm out of range of any wayward appendages.
The other alarm goes off when Nana steps on it, as when she's sitting on the edge of her bed trying to stand up on her own. So far so good.
The two alarms are a God send and yet I'm up several times a night. When I set my alarm clock to wake me approximately when she needs to use the facilities at night, she decides she doesn't need to go. When I don't, the motion sensor goes off to send me running to catch her before she wanders off in search of the bathroom. Some nights, she's getting up to look for me, thinking she heard me calling her, when I'm not. Other nights she figures it's four pm, when it's really four am and she's waking up from an afternoon nap, raring to go when I'm not. I get pretty excited when I'm only up three and a half times between midnight and six am. It's our current record right now.
So far so good, with tracking Nana's nightly forays. If only I could find a way to keep the bags under my eyes from turning into suitcases now.

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