Monday, August 9, 2010

Mining for Gold

Finding the right doctor sometimes seems like mining for gold. You dig and dig, getting sidetracked, discouraged and frustrated until, if you're lucky, you finally hit gold.

Dr. John R. is gold. A gerontologist, aka specialist for seniors, Dr. John saw Nana for the first time last Friday. On our way to her appointment she asked me where we were going and who he was at least 29 times in the hour it took us to get there. She was as unsure as I was as to how he could possibly help her. Nana figured that you can't turn back the clock and that whatever her health issues are, she's stuck with them. I am a firm believer in searching for help with whatever ails her, or anyone else in the family, until I find it.

We made it downtown, grabbed a great parking spot right out front and found our way to Dr. John's office. We only had a short wait before we were called into an examination room. The doctor stuck his head into the room to introduce himself and asked if it would be alright for him to see one more patient before us, so that he could take his time with Nana during our first visit. That kind, simple gesture was a hint of exactly what this doctor was all about: he is genuinely interested in his patients. Of course we didn't mind waiting, which took no time at all.

Nana now belongs to Dr. John's fan club. They had a nice get-to-know-you chat. He recommended new medication to control her chronic pain, that would be longer lasting and easier to swallow, two of her most pressing problems. He was impressed with her overall health and encouraged her to keep doing what she was doing. Her short term memory issues may not be dementia but simply age related. He told us to call him to let him know how the new meds were working. And he'll see Nana again in a few months but would be happy to see her sooner if anything else comes up.

Seems to me, we struck gold!

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