Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ups and downs ...

... we all have 'em. There are few things in life that stay the same for long. Anything and everything can change in the blink of an eye. Now we can't be ready for every little thing that comes along. All we can do is take things as they come.
Nana's been feeling reasonably well for quite some time. Her recent visit with gerontologist Dr. John confirmed what we'd been thinking: for her age, she's in really good shape. Next thing you know Nana's having trouble keeping her food down, which means she's not able to take the pills she needs to keep her as well as she has been. A quick visit to emergency confirmed there was more to her sudden change in health than we first figured. She has a urinary tract infection that is probably contributing to her not feeling well.
Once the emergency physician was able to diagnose Nana's condition he sent her home with more pills for the infection in hopes that she was well enough to take them and get better soon. Unfortunately taking pills when you aren't feeling well is not so easy so we had another brief stay in emergency, long enough to administer some medication by intravenous. We're back home and feeling a little better. Better enough to sneak some pills into Nana with a light meal. And to keep her sipping as much apple juice as she wants.
Nana's still weak, tired and not quite over her infection but here's where slow and steady wins the race. Time and plenty of TLC will have her feeling better real soon.

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